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Friday, May 13th, 2016
8:44 pm
Whinny City Pony Con 2016
This has been over a month in the writing since Whinny City Pony Con. So long that two of my friends are currently attending another pony con, Everfree Northwest. So, finally, I present to you a rather long read:

Pinky's Whinny City Pony Con experienceCollapse )

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Saturday, December 12th, 2015
9:59 pm
Ponyville Ciderfest 2015
It's been three weeks since this brony con, but I've finally composed all my thoughts into a LJ post. ;-)

The very long read of PCF 2015Collapse )

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Monday, June 29th, 2015
5:39 pm
My Little Pony: Friendship IS Magic! =D
I got back this morning from the Hyatt in my town where the My Little Pony Fair and Convention was. Going to an MLP con with Goaty, Darrell and Scooter the whole weekend was a HUGE blast. =D I had the time of my life there. There was NOT a single dull moment there, we maximized the entire time there, in large part to Darrell making a rough outline of what we would like to do together. It was everything I wanted to do, yet I have a little lament some things overlapped in time that I would have checked out for curiosity(need a longer fair operation day;-).

This con is different in a couple ways than the brony cons Goaty and Darrell attend. This venue covers the whole history of My Little Pony back to its humble beginnings, but it does have a emphasis on Friendship Is Magic with its product line(and what little future secrets they can say about the show. ;). This also didn't have the long list of pony bands playing music into the middle of the night with the laser light shows. However, they did have a great musical group, The Shake Ups in Ponyville, perform each day, along with some other fun events(and a VA)that just made this The Best Weekend Ever! =D

Here is a rundown of the fun events we all attended together:


Though the fair ran Saturday and Sunday, there was a dinner celebration on Friday evening, honoring a few key designers and a few select G3/earlier ponies into the MLP Hall of Fame. To our surprise FiM Fluttershy was an inductee to the hall of fame, as well as the voice actor of Fluttershy, Andrea Libman! =D


12:30 - 1:15 Hasbro, Inc. Panel. A couple of marketing reps read off answers to a list of questions submitted to them, telling us of any little secrets of the product line(or even the show)that they could -- and we all know that they're not allowed to say too much. ;-)

1:30 - ~3:00 Andrea Libman: Ask a Voice Actress Panel. The voice behind Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy told of her(somewhat unexpected)career in voice acting. Andrea shared the wide range of experiences she's had as a voice actor, with lots of various lines of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to the delight of everyone. At the Q & A segment, our very own Goaty walked up to the line to ask her something. When it was his turn, he gave more of a request, being it was his birthday just recently, and if Andrea could sing a birthday greeting to him in Pinkie Pie's voice. A truly special gift for Goaty and amusing for everyone else there.

Following the Andrea Libman panel, we went to the vendor hall where I finally bought some MLP items to wear: A nice Rainbow Dash shirt with 4 poses of Dashie and the wording "BETTER THAN THE REST". I also picked up a Derpy cap that pretty much stuck to my head the whole fair. After we visited the vender hall, this was the one time I was on my own for a little bit. Everyone else had Andrea's autograph except for moi, so I took the suggestion I heard to have her sign the "Pinkie Chicken Pie" container. It was $20 for an autograph, and for $10 more I can got that and a pic with Andrea. It was then felt like I caught up to my brony con savvy friends. =D

5:30 - 6:30 The Shake Ups in Ponyville performed a handful of their original pony themed songs with a neat video clip show relating to the song they were performing. A huge hit with everyone, along with the kids dancing around in front. One of the band members had recent birthday (same day as Goaty's?), so they played an original song from the show itself, one of my favs, 'Make a Wish'. =D

7:00 - 9:30 The My Little Pony Pajama Party. Shout factory was promoting(and subsequently playing part of)a DVD collection: Cutie Mark Quests. I noticed this particular event was THE most packed -- everyone wanted to see the ponies ;-D. They played The Show Stoppers, Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2 and Tanks for the Memories. Between playing of eps, they raffled off various DVDs (handed out raffle tickets at the start). All the tickets had 6 digits, but everyone had 876, so the last 3 only mattered, yet it make it a little suspenseful. We received tickets in successive order. I had 876693, Scooter '94, Goaty '95, Darrell '96.
Lucky Goaty got his number called and won a DVD, Adventures In The Crystal Empire. ;-D

Watching MLP FiM with friends as I experienced earlier was fun. Watching them with nearly 300 other fans of the show is a whole other level of fun. We've all seen the eps before, but 300 fans laughing and cheering together brings upon a truely magical feeling of enjoyment. When we all started singing the theme song aloud at the start of each ep they presented, that was a power of enjoyment I cannot describe in words.


We started out at the vendor hall looking over various things we might be interested in. I got myself a mini set of mane 6 plushies with clips for hanging on lanyards, etc. I needed something Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to show off at the meet and greet with Andrea later in the day. I also picked up a neat little Pinkie Pie poster with 'PARTY??? on the bottom.

2:00 - 3:00 We attended the encore show of the Shake Ups in Ponyville. They played some of their songs we heard yesterday -- worth hearing again of course -- plus a few others they didn't play then. An amusing highlight, a song about Flufflepuff was played, and they tossed into the audience a Flufflepuff plush to 'crowd surf'. At the end, they hooked me and I ended up buying their CDs ;-)

Before the huge highlight of the whole con for us, we took one last look around in the vendor hall for anything we might like, if not just to experience the ambiance of wall to wall ponies and everything and anything MLP as far as one could see.

3:30 - 4:30 Meet and Greet with Andrea Libman. A very treasured time with a small group of about 2 dozen fans who paid $50 to get to this event. ;-) Everyone had various questions to ask, as well as many various character requests, while Andrea tells us about her life becoming and being a voice actress. I couldn't think of anything to ask her, so I simply gave a couple of requests: Madam Pinkie Pie telling us our fortune: "Yooouu willll all sooooooon be rich!!" and a Pinkie Pie Giggle-snort. Both of my requests were huge delights to the rest of the group. =D
Now I really felt like I was at the same plateau as the rest of my brony friends.

Right after the meet and greet, Goaty and Darrell had to depart for the airport to head back home. Scooter and I gave them a send off, literally started missing them already as they headed east on Golf Rd.

5:00 - 6:00 With just Scooter and I now, we went to the Fair Awards and Raffle, were we saw all the winners receive ribbons for all the various contests, and watched a ton of MLP stuff raffled off to various attendees, granted a couple had a lot of tickets, especially one lucky person by the name of Jewell who had her name called at least 5 times. ;-) Then, the organizers gave thanks to all the people who helped make it a wonderful success, and bitter-sweetly, called the fair to a close.

I truly had the time of my life this whole weekend. Being my first MLP con of any kind to attend (let alone any con) was fun, exciting and truly magical. Having friends come from far to meet me and attend this fair is how I think Friendship is Magic. =D

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Saturday, February 28th, 2015
11:02 am
Beware the Ides of March

Are we really about to wrap up February today? Where have the last 2 months gone to?
Just seems like we finished taking down the last of the Christmas decorations.
And yet, it's still very winter-like for the foreseeable future. ;-)
Thursday, January 8th, 2015
4:10 pm
oh, umm.. Hi! ^^;;
Last 7 months have kinda eluded me here.

Work at the new place in Des Plaines has had somewhat a decent transition. A lot to adapt to in how/where things are done/stored/etc., but the pace of work hasn't been too hectic to keep up. I've gotten used to a longer drive to work than the 3 mile round trip I was doing for years.

It was a fun Christmas. I just seem to have this lament that comes along again that the whole holiday passes by too fast. I/we only watched a couple Christmas movies, and that was *after* New Year's Day. Maybe I do need to start watching things before Thanksgiving. =P

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Monday, February 3rd, 2014
5:43 pm
Sunday, December 29th, 2013
10:34 am
Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
1:25 am
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Saturday, August 31st, 2013
1:22 am
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Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
2:08 am
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Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
2:19 am
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Saturday, March 30th, 2013
1:28 am
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Monday, March 18th, 2013
6:16 pm
Howdy! ^^;
I'm still here...in some facsimile. <.<
The quiet on my part here in LJ pretty much reflects on the activity of my own life -- it's a routine. XP
It's winter yet(the calender means nothing...;-P)which means hibernate inside. I mainly do activities on (one of a few here) computers, electronics or model train stuff -- planning, planning, more planning. Interestingly how all three of those interests can tie together in some form or another. I MUST show you pics of my train layouts soon, and whatever I've done lately. I've taken a few modeling skills to a new level over the last year or so, rather to my amazement. ;-)

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2012
9:00 pm
Merry Christmas!
I'm still here lurking about, so I hope you've had a good one. ^^

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Saturday, December 8th, 2012
1:46 am
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Sunday, October 7th, 2012
2:18 am
Sunday, August 19th, 2012
11:41 am
Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
5:59 pm
Welcome to August
*looks back at horsey calendar seeing a dark bay colored (and very shiny) umm some breed of horse* I gotta brush up on my breed knowledge again XP

So what do we think the weather will do? Hotter? Cooler? Average? We've actually been getting some rain lately, mostly at night, so I've seen the park's grass become less hay-like over the last week or so.

Speaking of horses...

On the right, before the ride at Red Ridge Ranch.

As we're getting under way.

Our trail guide.

At the end of the ride.

The horse I was riding, Shark.

Oh how I love doing all that.<3
*randomly swats Northeast Illinois for being too urban not to have anything like that here* XP

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
11:17 pm
Wisconsin Dells 2012
[finally getting around to posting this XP]

Had another great time in the Wisconsin Dells area with my folks and brothers. I'll try to keep this simple again.

Monday on the way up we stopped at Cave Of The Mounds, located a little out of our way west of Madison, but it was really worth it. It's a cave with a series of passage ways(a few rather narrow) with lots of fascinating sand stone erosion cuts, stalactites, stalagmites and columns. It's a fully enclosed cave, so there's no outside exposure, nor animals, bats, etc., and a constant 50°F no matter what time of year it is. A very remarkable experience.

Tuesday we basically walked around the shops in Wisconsin Dells. It was so hot that day we cut it short a little and headed back to the motel pool.

Wednesday we took a trip south a little to Devils Lake State Park, near Baraboo. My brothers and I hiked up the same bluff we did last year, but in the reverse direction of last year's path. Turns out we got reminded going up the route we went down last year is steep and persistent in its upward nature. Every step is UP, little or no flat landings, which left us to take a couple breaks in this 400+ foot stairmaster. ;-) Still, the effort is worth the views. =D

Thursday was the big horsey day. =D We went back up north a tad to Red Ridge Ranch Riding Stable. My Mom took a pass on riding this time, but one of my Brothers joined me. We got there early, and only 3 other people came by, so we got going in a small group. My horse's name was Shark, a paint, and my Brother's was Sarge, a paint and brother to my horse, too. I got to ride right behind the trail guide, so I got to ask a lot of questions about horses. The flies are mean at times on the trail, and during one of the stops, the guide picks off a fly from Shark's mane and shows me how huge it is. O.o;; I know one of those things bit me on the shin -- they have teeth. We trotted a few times, but the guide's horse decided to cantor, and my horse did the same too, and we were all applying the brakes to slow down. XD Been a while since I went that fast on a horse. All together a wonderful ride. =D

Later we all played 18 holes of mini golf. One of my brothers, my Dad and I got a hole in one, and yet some of us got gypped on some weird golf ball physics. XP We were a little over par over all but not too bad. ;-)

And lastly we went on a horse drawn wagon ride at Lost Canyon. A remarkable wagon ride through a narrow at times sandstone canyon. Sometimes the rock formations are directly overhead during the ride, so remain seated. ;-) Our driver was quite a character. He is only 18 years old but handles the horses like a pro. A remarkable sight to see. I don't know why I've not thought of doing this before, but I'm glad I have now.

Friday was merely packing up and heading back home. Always seems hard to leave this area. Is it any wonder why we keep coming back here? ;-D
Saturday, July 14th, 2012
1:36 am
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